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FBC #32 Full Snow Moon

Hopefully the Full Snow Moon will be more like “Full Snow Flurries are Pretty” Moon or “Full Cold as Hell But We’re Still Riding in the Dry Cold” Moon so we can roll because we roll in any weather except when it’s potentially hazardous (and don’t forget to eat your broccoli too, says mom).

FBC #20 Full Snow Moon

COME ONE COME ALL to Kay Bob’s Grill & Ale on Tuesday night the 3rd of February to enjoy a slow ride around Hillsboro Village/Vandy area, socializing with other riders, and revelry in general. 21+, bring lights, helmet recommended.

FBC #8 Full Snow Moon

Go love on your honey before you come out and ride. Or ride with your honey on this Valentine’s Day FBC. Or come pick up someone at one of the bars we’ll be going to. Layer up, it’s gonna be chilly. 6pm meet 7pm roll.