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FBC #72 Full Flower Moon

YES IT IS FINALLY TIME and it’s on a Saturday and the moon is glorious and the weather is good and most people I know seem to be on the mend from whatever crap has been going around, so let’s do this, you fine and wonderful folks.  MEET AT Centennial Park (museum entrance side) – 7:30p to hang, 8p to roll.

CANCELLED FBC #71 Full Pink Moon

Everyone I know is either sick or recovering from being sick and with cold, wet, gross weather I am cancelling the ride. Instead, check out the Nashville Community Transportation Platform and find out more and bug the crap out of your elected officials, Amazon execs, other biz interests that are looking to relocate here (or who are already here). 

FBC #47 Full Flower Moon

FBC #47 rolls on WEDNESDAY May 10th. Come over to Drifter’s and sit with us on the patio (weather depending) and enjoy the evening before we roll off to explore parts unknown (to you, anyhow). Need a bike, B-Cycle is nearby. Enjoy some grub or a beer and take off with the FBC.

FBC #22 Full Flower Moon

Since this is the Full Flower Moon, bring all your spring blossoms and hand them out to people we pass. Adorn your arms with the reminder that Persephone has been released from her winter prison (at least in this hemisphere).