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FBC #47 Full Flower Moon

FBC #47 rolls on WEDNESDAY May 10th. Come over to Drifter’s and sit with us on the patio (weather depending) and enjoy the evening before we roll off to explore parts unknown (to you, anyhow). Need a bike, B-Cycle is nearby. Enjoy some grub or a beer and take off with the FBC.

FBC #24 Full Thunder Moon

PLEASE NOTE this ride cancelled due to weather šŸ™

It’s the Full Thunder Moon – come roar with us as we crash through the streets of Nashville in search of adventure.

FBC #22 Full Flower Moon

Since this is the Full Flower Moon, bring all your spring blossoms and hand them out to people we pass. Adorn your arms with the reminder that Persephone has been released from her winter prison (at least in this hemisphere).

FBC #21 Full Pink Moon

We’re back on the east side after a hiatus due to a horrible March. Ugh. Who wants to get on their bike and ride?! Saturday night ride – good weather – we’ll probably cruise 10 miles or so. Bring lights, pink gear, cash and ID for a bar stop. SPRANG SPRING SPRUNG

FBC #19 Full Wolf Moon

Time again for another rolling of the FBC. Sure, you might be all burned out on holiday cheer as well as the turning of the calendar, but come and regale your fellow Nashville riders with tales of Hanukkah miracles, Christmas satisfaction, and New Year’s Eve kisses. (Or lack thereof.)