2015 Rides

FBC 30 KJ on the pedestrian bridge FBC #30 Ride Report - Three riders, two visitors, 15 miles, 8 beers, one Santa, and one winner of the FBC giveaway! (Amy E., who had previously never ridden at night!). We started out at... Read more »
FBC #29 Ride Report - Five riders (and one beer social non-rider) took to the booths at Kay Bob’s near Hillsboro Village to contemplate where to ride. We decided to go up to Love Circle,... Read more »
FBC 28 Austin and Ryan in SUPER HIGH VIZ FBC #28 Ride Report - Turned into a social hour because of the cold rain. I SUCK. But we had about 8 people come out – 2 of whom were hardcore and rode to Drifter’s... Read more »
FBC 27 ride to Bobby's Idle Hour FBC #27 Ride Report - 14 riders, 9ish miles, 1 trike, at least 20 beers, 70 degrees, 1 eclipse, 1 Janet Jackson concert. We rode from East Nashville over to Bobby’s Idle Hour and caught... Read more »
FBC #26 Ride Report - 23 riders (22 at the start, until one guy turned around and followed us…) 10ish miles, from Kay Bob’s to the Greenhouse in Green Hills. It is ridiculously easy to... Read more »
FBC #25 Ride Report - Anniversary ride!!! Lots of new faces and a house party afterwards. 17 miles, 1 blowout, 1 airpark, good times.  
FBC #24 Ride Report - July is the FBC anniversary month, and in 2015 we had the opportunity to ride twice thanks to a Blue Moon at the end of the month. Unfortunately, there was... Read more »
FBC #23 Ride Report - 9 riders went from Kay Bob’s around to Neighbor’s in Sylvan Park where we discovered we came on 2-4-1 night and they have PITCHERS Coming from North Carolina a decade... Read more »
FBC #22 Ride Report - 11 lucky cyclists departed from Drifter’s in East Nashville for a beautiful night ride over to Midtown. The original destination plan had to be nixed because someone (AHEM AHEM!) forgot... Read more »
FBC #21 Ride Report - March was an absolutely shitty month weather-wise and so we skipped that ride. First time an FBC in Nashville was cancelled entirely due to weather (and not pushed back to... Read more »
FBC 20 We got valet parking FBC #20 Ride Report - We rode. For the Full Snow Moon, we went from Kay Bob’s to the Beer Pale. Six riders braved the 34 degree weather to make about a 10 mile loop.... Read more »
FBC 19 Riders FBC #19 Ride Report - We rode. Three riders made a VERY chilly excursion to someplace – hell, it’s nearly a year later and I can’t find evidence¬† of where we went. I do know... Read more »