2014 Rides

FBC #18 Ride Report - The Full Cold Moon lived up to its name, for the most part, and there were only 2 riders who braved the brisk air to do a short loop around... Read more »
FBC 17 at Tennessee Brew Works FBC #17 Ride Report - The Full Beaver Moon found five riders in some quite lovely cycling weather (50 degrees, a little humid, but dry!) going to Tennessee Brew Works (where one lucky rider, Dave... Read more »
FBC 16 Riders on the Shelby Street Bridge FBC #16 Ride Report - Full Blood Moon (Full Hunter’s Moon) Thirty-one riders. 31. THIRTY ONE. Our biggest ride yet! Looking behind as we went through the streets of East Nashville, it was a sea... Read more »
FBC 15 Czann's is the destination FBC #15 Ride Report - Full Harvest Moon – We began at Kay Bob’s on a fine Monday evening and rode to Czann’s Brewery – they opened just for us! FBC HQ had featured some... Read more »
FBC 14 Beer Wanters Loved at Village Pub FBC #14 Ride Report - We began at Drifter’s in East Nashville on a fine August night. Weather had been hit or miss for a few days, with some rain chances showing up the week... Read more »
FBC 13 Riders on the Cumberland River bridge FBC #13 Ride Report - We had 11 bikers including some folks who rode over from Edgehill and then rode with us. 11.88 miles, the longest FBC yet. For the one-year anniversary, we went from... Read more »
FBC 12 The crew outside of Red Door Midtown FBC #12 Ride Report - At least 8 Bcycles were used on this ride which saw 24 riders going from Kay Bob’s to The Cave and then on to Red Door West. There was nearly... Read more »
FBC 11 Riders at Tin Dog Tavern FBC #11 Ride Report - Three riders, three BCycles – from Drifters in East Nashville to the Tin Dog Tavern. It was rainy. We got wet. It didn’t matter. Full Flower Moon meant bestowing flowers... Read more »
FBC 10 Bikes at the Batter's Box FBC #10 Ride Report - Chilly ride from Drifters in East Nashville to the Batter’s Box on Hermitage. Seven riders on a delicious Tax Day jaunt – an excellent turnout.
FBC 09 Jed's Beverage Board FBC #09 Ride Report - Two riders and VERY COLD. Started at Kay Bob’s, went to Jed’s by Centennial Park, and then back for some trivia.
FBC 08 Chocolate and beer pairing at Tennessee Brew Works FBC #08 Ride Report - Two riders, two wangers, 9 beers, 3 miles, 1 brewpub, 1 chocolate bar, a little rain. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. Started at Drifter’s and headed to Tennessee Brew Works for their... Read more »
FBC 07 Dave and KJ FBC #07 Ride Report - Three riders went from Drifter’s in East Nashville over to Red Door West off Division and had a hot dog. Rode back.