2013 Rides

FBC 06 Rock Bottom flight FBC #06 Ride Report - The Full Cold Moon wasn’t super cold after all – five riders went from Five Points to Rock Bottom Brewery and then rode back via Davidson Street and took the... Read more »
FBC #05 Ride Report - The Full Beaver Moon ride had 6 riders, started at Drifter’s in East Nashville, and went from Fran’s on Porter and Greenwood to Rosepepper on Eastland and back.  
FBC 04 Bennie and KJ FBC #04 Ride Report - For our fourth ride, we had 12 riders who braved the elements (of lovely fantastic weather) to ride alongside a banana, a skeleton, a devil and a hot dog and... Read more »
FBC 03 We made it to 12 South! FBC #03 Ride Report - Our third ride took place on Thursday, September 19th. This was the first ride to take place outside of the enclave of East Nashville. We had 12 people.  
FBC 02 During the ride - turning onto Gallatin Pike FBC #02 Ride Report - Our second ride took place on Tuesday, August 20th. We were 20 strong. 20. That’s quadruple the number of folks we had on the first ride. I’ll admit it, I’m... Read more »
FBC 01 Intrepid riders on the inaugural FBC ride! FBC #01 Ride Report - Our first ever ride happened on Monday, July 22nd. We were five people traveling from Five Points down to Rock Bottom Brewery and back. We did five miles. Three riders... Read more »