FBC #38 Full Sturgeon Moon

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We started off at Kay Bob’s (one of our favourite hangs – great food, excellent beer selection, and friendly staff) and by the time we took off for Live on the Green we had 7 riders including one new never-before-at-night rider. (She survived, by the way!)

Live on the Green was a bit weird to try and get to – being on bikes, we were “vehicles” but also there wasn’t an easy way to approach the site with a detour or anything from Deaderick Street – you just sort of rolled right into the festival. So we all dismounted and walked into the throngs, past the food trucks and hipsters and giggling teenagers still trying to figure out their social status at the beginning of the school year.

The women of FBC stepped into a photobooth and had some pictures made, but they never surfaced on any of our email addresses that were entered. Lost in the ether.

Although she didn’t go on the ride – just came to hang beforehand – Amy is now official FBC photog forever because of her beautiful picture of the riders before we rolled off. Thanks, Amy!

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