FBC #35 Full Flower Moon

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May 21 saw the FBC hardcore representing at the Tour de Nash which was AWESOME and everyone who has access to two wheels (or three if you’re a recumbent) should get on out there and try it sometime. A great way to see the city of Nashville from your saddle AND with refreshment stops along the way.

Tour de Nash FBC tourdenash02

FBC folks joined up on the 25 mile route, and the tutu-clad assemblage regrouped in Morgan Park and consumed libations and sustenance and hugged and enjoyed much laughter and reflection.

Naps were had.

7:30pm found me, KJ, waiting for folks to show up at Perk and Cork in Inglewood. This is a groovy little spot, recently opened, which serves both coffee and wine and stays open until 9p. We’d never really started from a “neighbourhood” location before, and I had already heard from several folks that the Tour de Nash had been their bike ride for the day.

So I waited. And waited some more. And when 8:30 rolled around, I knew I was the only one riding.

Since its inception, FBC has never actually only had one rider. We’ve always had at least two people on every ride. I thought I could just ride back to my house and call it a night, but the evening was so luscious it seemed a shame to not take advantage of the sweet smells of a warm May night.

I started off from Riverside Village and headed down to the Cornelia Fort Airpark. The airpark is a great destination for people who want to get in lots of fast miles on loops and loops and loops. It is also an amazing destination at dusk when the sky turns upside down and displays stars falling on the fields in the form of fireflies.

The fireflies.

The fireflies were twinkling by the thousands as I rode past. I made one loop and decided to go around again. I stopped and listened to the rustling in the grass next to the asphalt.

I am not ashamed to admit that I got creeped out by the rustling. What was that noise? Feral dogs? People coming out of their hiding places to grab me and have their way with me?

Nope. Just deer.

About 8-12 deer just hanging out beside the asphalt like, What is your problem, human? Staring at me with curious eyes.

No camera I had could do this scene any justice. So I cruised around a second time and then headed back to my house.

1 rider, 7ish miles, 2 coffees, 1 beer, 60ish degrees. 1000+ fireflies. 8-12 deer. 1 airpark.