FBC #34 Full Prince Moon

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FBC #34 came on the heels of the news about the death of Prince. FBC has always been about freedom of expression and the right to ride a bike – and Prince loved riding his bike – and dammit I love Prince so I got my tight pants on and we rode on over to Jackalope to enjoy beers on the outside patio. Fortunately, Zollikoffee was open as well and so folks were able to enjoy some of their delicious coffee and krispy treats (ok, I mean folks were able to GET ADDICTED to the krispy treats).

I am never sure how many people will show up but a trickle turned into a stream and then we had 17 people, all ready to ride. Our destination was Smokin’ Thighs over in Wedgwood-Houston. Amy, Ryan, and Katie were the leaders since that was their part of town. We rolled under the train tracks and over past Third Man and then up towards the bridge crossing the tracks again and then CRACK! A CHAIN BROKE. Several minutes passed whilst roadside mechanics did their thing and then chain was reattached, but it did not stay on long enough to have the bike be rideable (sorry Danny!!! 🙁 ).

Smokin’ Thighs has moonshine flights. Oh lawd.

A server was pressed back into service when a party of 16 walked in to sit on the deck. Beverages were quick, food was hot and fresh, and conversation flowed like so much liquor from a still.

Since only a handful of people drove to the start, the question became how to get everyone home? on a bike? and it was a delightful question and problem to have. Most of the group rode back up Wedgewood to 8th and then split off to reach pedestrian bridges, parking garages, and East Nashville.

All told, a beautiful night for a ride. Thank you all so much for coming out and seeing Nashville from two wheels.

DON’T FORGET if you want to ride in the Tour de Nash with FBC, sign up here (we’re doing the 25 mile route) and indicate “FBC Nashville” as your group. We’re wearing tutus (!) and then AND THEN the FBC ride is THAT NIGHT. So get a nap in, pat yourself on the back, and roll WITHOUT a cue sheet.

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