FBC #33 Ride Report

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The spice rolled out of 3 Crow’s back patio for the Full Worm Moon on an absolutely GLORIOUS night for a bike ride. We had some new faces, and some familiar ones, and our first BCycle rider in a while. (Yay Rachel!)

Our journey took us from Five Points down to the industrial side of Davidson and into Shelby Bottoms where we then popped up into the neighbourhood and faced down The Hill. (Vomit Hill. The Big Hill. The Puff-Puff-Pass-Out Hill.) At least 5 of our intrepid bike riders made it up in one go. Some lady with a Bota Box offered a swig to another bike rider. I apologised for the terrain and we kept riding.

Our destination was Ryan’s house, where a lovely firepit welcomed us into the backyard and there were molasses cookies and blueberry moonshine and water and friends. I pulled Ryan aside at one point as I was standing back from everyone. “Look,” I said. “Just look at this scene.” There were people talking, a strand of lights on the back porch illuminating them just barely; bikes and bikes and bikes lined up against the back fence; and then the moon, peeking out from the trees in the front yard, in full regalia above us. “Thank you for this.”

Some riders peeled off from there but others joined the cruise back to Five Points where we met some of the locals and shared a libation and then went home.

15 riders, 1 firepit, 2 generous hosts, 10ish miles, 1 tutu, about 60 degrees, approximately 20 beers. See you in April!

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