FBC #32 Ride Report

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It had been threatening to rain ALL DAY and you know FBC will roll in the rain but it does tend to lower the rider count, especially with cold rain in the wintertime. Turns out it wasn’t so cold after all (more like 52 degrees and slightly misty) and we had streets to ourselves.

Germantown has undergone a massive transformation even in just the past 2 years. One rider, upon seeing a high-end coffeeshop across from our destination location, remarked that it seems like Nashville changes and morphs within just months, not years.

We rode about 9ish miles from Kay Bob’s to 312 Pizza in Germantown. 11 riders! I tried to give them a heads up about us coming but never heard back from them via their website. (It’s kind of difficult to judge who may be coming or not based on RSVPs on social media, to be honest, but I can use the figures that we’re averaging 5-7 folks in the colder months and 15-20 in the warmer ones.)

Admittedly I would love to see 40 or 50 or 100 bike riders doing an FBC – that would then entail lots and lots of coordination. (And lots more space.) Maybe for longer rides with no stop on the way that could work.

Catch you in March!