FBC #30 Ride Report

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Three riders, two visitors, 15 miles, 8 beers, one Santa, and one winner of the FBC giveaway! (Amy E., who had previously never ridden at night!).

We started out at 3 Crow in Five Points, because it was Christmas Day and they were open. I didn’t expect any huge crowd to ride with me, and was pleasantly surprised when more than one person showed up. We were three strong rolling through the streets of Nashville – the quiet, slightly drizzly, mostly car-free streets of Nashville.

Our destination – on which I had decided the day I saw that FBC #30 fell on Christmas – was Trax, a low-key gay bar tucked away near the Wedgewood-Houston neighbourhood. I had gone there during  several Christmases and recalled that they had a potluck spread for the patrons and – most importantly – would be open. Indeed, there were brownies and ham sandwiches and delicious beer a-plenty. Cheers to Trax!

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We hung out and rolled back to East Nashville, taking a circuitous route back. The odometer clicked over to about 15 miles – way longer of a ride than FBC normally takes. It felt so good to be out and about in a quiet city, on a bike, with only the woosh-woosh of tires against pavement and the occasional chattered conversation among riders as background noise.

Thanks for a wonderful 2015, and hope to catch you on two wheels (three if you have a recumbent) in 2016.