FBC #21 Ride Report

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March was an absolutely shitty month weather-wise and so we skipped that ride. First time an FBC in Nashville was cancelled entirely due to weather (and not pushed back to a make-up day).

Here’s why:

So instead we rode on April 4  for #21 which was the Full Pink Moon. It was a Saturday and by chance it also happened to be the First Friday Art Crawl downtown, and at COOP Gallery there was something REAL COOL called “Like Riding a Bike“: an interactive installation by Katie Hargrave and Brett Hunter. HOW PERFECT IS THAT. Plus, have you ever tried to go downtown for the art crawl and find parking and pay for parking and deal with that? No way.

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Everyone locked up their bikes and we strolled into the Arcade and went straight up to COOP. The installation was very very cool but the space was very very small. A few of us wandered around separately to other galleries and then met up outside.

One of the riders, Michelle, kept her helmet on the whole time. Someone came up next to her and tapped her helmet. “Hey,” he said, “you can probably take this off now.” She demurred, replying that it was probably safer to keep it on. They smiled and parted. Later, another rider asked if anyone else had seen Steven Tyler walking around? So yes, Steven Tyler suggested to one of our riders that she removed her helmet. As we rode away he walked out of the Arcade and we rang our bells and honked our bike horns at him.

Eventually we made our way over to Soulshine Pizza, which is a decent joint but DAMN it gets loud and is hard to hear and service can be very very slow on a weekend night.