FBC #15 Ride Report

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Full Harvest Moon – We began at Kay Bob’s on a fine Monday evening and rode to Czann’s Brewery – they opened just for us!

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FBC HQ had featured some leading teasers on Twitter (do you follow us? You should) and one of the savvy riders figured out the destination, which meant the riders were mostly chasing him (you fast guy you). 13 of us tromped into the brewery and were greeted by Ken Rebman and his friendly staff for beverages and a private tour of the brewery. One of the best additions to the Nashville craft beer scene, Ken shared what he was getting ready to do for October: “A pumpkin beer – but made with mashed pumpkin” – and folks, subsequent tastings of Czann’s pumpkin ale revealed that it tasted like pumpkin, not like a potpourri candle. DELISH

Kay Bob’s let us choose the tap special for the evening, forever cementing them in my heart as an a-number-one place to hang out. Thanks, Kay Bob’s!