FBC #14 Ride Report

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We began at Drifter’s in East Nashville on a fine August night. Weather had been hit or miss for a few days, with some rain chances showing up the week prior, but skies were clear for the fourteenth rolling of the FBC.

After some preliminary conversation and consumption of fried pickles, we whooshed on through the night, 15 strong. This route was going to contain some hills – a fact about which I always seem to apologise, but it’s Nashville, ya gotta see it coming – and yet there were no complaints. Our pack stayed pretty well in sight of each other, cruising from Five Points down through Porter Road and then up Riverside to the final destination – Village Pub!

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I heard once from Jeff Everett – founder of FBCs across the US – that “soon, you’ll have to call ahead to your destination.” It’s true – I didn’t give Village Pub a heads-up, and then 14 people descended on a Sunday when there was only one cook in the kitchen. So, apologies to Village Pub, and in future I will give the destination locations a courtesy holler in advance.

We had the opportunity to include another rider along the way but unfortunately we were already out of sight (and unresponsive on Twitter) before she could catch up. Lizzy Ross, I’m sorry!

80ish degrees and 6.6 miles later, we were back at the start of the ride, enthusiastically calling out “See you next time!” and “Great ride!”

See you next time, beautiful FBCers.