FBC #06 Ride Report

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The Full Cold Moon wasn’t super cold after all – five riders went from Five Points to Rock Bottom Brewery and then rode back via Davidson Street and took the informally named “Asshole Hill” on S. 12th.

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Rounding out the year, I have to say that I am pleased this group has continued to grow and change and even be fun most of the time. It’s great to get riders of different skill levels out – and, no rider left behind – though there are a handful of quite regular and serious riders that come out. To satisfy the itch to go further – and perhaps to get some of the more beginning cyclists out on a longer ride – I’m planning on a springtime ~25 mile round trip (admittedly, not even that is far enough for some!) coupled with a barbeque/gathering at my house.

We’ve pretty much picked Drifter’s as our go-to starting point for the East side, and I’d like to continue starting there – though I would like to have one east place and one west place just to be a bit less geographically biased. The only ride that was held other than in East Nashville was at Kay Bob’s, and they were super great to us. It’s likely to be our place when the weather is warmer (their patio is big; inside can get crowded) plus there’s lot of West Nashville opportunity for riding from the Midtown area.