FBC #02 Ride Report

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Our second ride took place on Tuesday, August 20th.

We were 20 strong.


That’s quadruple the number of folks we had on the first ride.

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I’ll admit it, I’m a hyperextrovert – so dubbed by my friend James – but even still, the prospect of meeting a LOT of people I don’t know at once was a bit intimidating. And when people just kept coming up to the table and saying, “Oh yeah, I’m here for FBC” – well, it was fantastic and scary and wonderful all at once.

Sadly, I didn’t make enough spoke cards. (And maybe didn’t make them correctly, so I will need to double check my measurements.)

The weather had been miserably wet earlier in the day, but it cleared up quite nicely in time for the ride. We had at least 6 or 7 people rent BCycles, which leads me to the conclusion that we should generally start where rental kiosks are. And maybe I can get Nashville BCycle to throw in a free one-day pass for someone. We’ll see about that.

We rode from Five Points to the Wilburn Street Tavern (on Wilburn Street) with the proprietress, Paulette, just pleased as punch to see us all. One rider had mechanical failures and had to dispatch a friend to come pick him up, but everyone regrouped at Drifter’s afterwards for some karaoke and more conversation.

Total mileage was around 4.25; we were taking the lane on most of the streets.

All told, it was a night that exceeded all of my expectations. I’m thrilled to roll with you guys and hope you come back for more. — KJ