FBC #01 Ride Report

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Our first ever ride happened on Monday, July 22nd.

We were five people traveling from Five Points down to Rock Bottom Brewery and back.

We did five miles.

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Three riders rented bikes from the Nashville BCycles kiosk which is conveniently located in the parking lot next to Drifter’s.

The BCycles have lights on the front and back, which was great and perfect for us.

Not everyone had a helmet, and whilst it’s not mandatory/legally required for riding as an adult, it’s great to have. I will try to make sure to bring a spare (and if you have one, bring a spare too). I know there’s some kind of debate going on about how useful they are to have, but just wear the damn thing on our ride if you’ve got one. No hissing if you don’t have one but I’d prefer – for your cranium’s sake – that you did.

OK end of preaching.

We cruised over the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge (one of the longest in the world apparently) and went up to Lower Broadway to hit Rock Bottom Brewery. They have a lovely rooftop patio, so we sat up there and watched the moon and chatted for a little while.

After a beverage, we got back on the bike and made it across the pedestrian bridge and turned left onto Shelby. Two of the five of us are experienced street riders, and the non-street riders remarked how vulnerable they felt when they were riding on the road.

We turned left into the Edgefield neighbourhood and cruised the back streets. Another biker passed us and waved. We made it back to Five Points all together and all in one piece. — KJ

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