Our first spoke card!


You have questions. We have answers.

What's the deal with this?

The Full Moon Bike Club or Fucking Bike Club is a way to get like-minded folks of all skill levels and riding styles together for a beverage and a bike ride. The full moon provides the timing; sometimes we'll ride on a Monday or a Thursday or a Saturday. It's something to look forward to each month.

Are you some kind of political movement?

We'll leave the political manuevering to other advocacy groups who are much more equipped to achieve results. We do welcome riders from other politically-minded groups (and if you have materials to hand out, feel free to do so). Our Twitter feed will from time to time post interesting tidbits from policy and advocacy groups, of interest to all people who engage in human-powered transportation.

What's your mission, then?

We like to have a good time.

Wait, themes?

Yes!! Not all the time, and not every ride. But some rides will be themed so we can create a more festive atmosphere on the roads. And besides, everyone needs at least one tutu they can pull out of their drawer from time to time.

What kind of skill level do I need to have to ride?

Be able to keep up with the pack. The more experienced riders will be in front and in back as sweepers (on larger rides) to keep everyone together. Be in decent enough physical shape to mount hills (even walking uphill is OK). We're not riding at zoom-zoom speeds but we need to stay together to stay safe. Think average speed over the course of the ride of about 8-10MPH or so.

What's all this about "Don't be an asshole"?

Assholes suck. Assholes who don't respect bikers suck, and bikers who don't respect road rules suck too. Technically, in Nashville, one can ride on the sidewalks if you're not in a "commercial area" (e.g., not downtown, Five Points, 12 South, etc etc). But how annoying is it to ride on the sidewalk? VERY. So by being jovial and engaging and SAFE we can amp up awareness of bikers in and around Nashville. So, briefly - how not to be an asshole:

  • Use hand signals to indicate where you're going
  • STOP at red lights; don't run red lights (caveat: if the group cannot trigger a light cycle, we can proceed as if it's a stop sign according to Tennessee law)
  • Use lights and reflective gear when riding at night (Tennessee law stipulates a front light and a rear red reflector)
  • If you know the destination, don't blow through the pack to get to it
  • Don't harass pedestrians, car drivers, or other bikers
  • Don't ride on the sidewalk
  • TAKE THE LANE - ride single file or two abreast.
  • For fuck's sake, smile a little bit - you're on one of the coolest inventions on the planet.

What's a spoke card?

You can stick a spoke card in your bike spokes to show where you're going, where you've been, and who you've gone with. That is, if I ever make spoke cards again. I will probably do so for special rides or if I get pestered enough. (NOTE: PROBABLY NO SPOKE CARDS AGAIN EXCEPT MAYBE FOR ANNIVERSARY RIDES, IF I REMEMBER.)

Are you a cult?

The FBC claims several chapters, including St. Louis; Sandpoint, ID; Madison, WI; Chicago; and Spokane (recently shuttered). A movement has to have at least 10 iterations of itself before it can be called a cult. So, no, we're not a cult. Yet. (But wouldn't you want to get in on the ground floor?)

If it rains, is the ride cancelled?

We ride rain or shine. If it rains the ride will likely be shorter. Snow, rain, sleet, the only conditions in which we will not ride is if there's been a weather emergency declared.

Is this a ride just for young hipsters?


Wait, where are you going? I have more questions.

There will be more answers posted here as they come up, but it's Friday and I need to go get a beer.