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FBC16 Drifter's East Nashville

Seventeenth ride: Thursday, November 6th. Start location is Kay Bob's on 21st near Hillsboro Village. We will meet by 5:30 and roll by 6:30.

This is the Full Beaver Moon - got a tail or beaver-related garb? WEAR IT

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We ride, we beverage, we hang out. Sometimes, there are themes.

You got questions? Drop a line for answers. Or check out the FAQ. Or tweet at us. (Really, it's just one person doing this, but "us" sounds so much better.) We're also on Facebook if you want to check us out there.

a/k/a When We Roll

January 15 Full Wolf Moon Wednesday
February 14 Full Snow Moon Friday
March 16 Full Worm Moon Sunday
April 15 Full Pink Moon Tuesday
May 14 Full Flower Moon Wednesday
June 13 Full Strawberry Moon Friday
July 15 Full Thunder Moon
slight date change
August 10 Full Sturgeon Moon Sunday
September 8 Full Harvest Moon Monday
October 8 Full Hunter's Moon Wednesday
November 6 Full Beaver Moon Thursday
December 6 Full Cold Moon Saturday


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