• The full moon sets the timing
  • Destination location is a secret
  • Rides range in length
  • We beverage and hang out

You got questions? Drop a line for answers. Or check out the FAQ. Or tweet at us. (Really, it's just one person doing this, but "us" sounds so much better.) We're also on Facebook if you want to check us out there.

We are a no-drop ride but that being said you should be prepared for possible hills, definite road traffic, and other scenarios that bike riders encounter in and around Nashville.

Next Ride

FBC #45 Full Worm Moon is taking place at 6:00 pm on March 12, 2017. FBC #45 rolls on SUNDAY March 12th. Casual, no drop ride. More details coming soon. More details

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Full Moon Dates for 2017

a/k/a When We Roll
Dates may shift due to uncontrollable circumstances -
please check closer to the date for confirmation!
January 12 Full Wolf Moon Thursday
February 11 Full Snow Moon Saturday
March 12 Full Worm Moon Sunday
April 11 Full Pink Moon Tuesday
May 10 Full Flower Moon Wednesday
June 9 Full Strawberry Moon Friday
July 9 Full Thunder Moon & Anniversary Ride
August 7 Full Sturgeon Moon
September 6 Full Harvest Moon Wednesday
October 5 Full Hunter's Moon & KJ Birthday Ride Thursday
November 4 Full Beaver Moon Saturday
December 3 Full Cold Moon